Using Solar Lighting for Essential Works

We’re proud to be working to Keep Britain Lit during nationwide disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Increasingly, our customers are benefiting from holding solar lighting units in stock to be deployed immediately for essential works or knockdown replacements, here’s why.

No Mains Connection Required

Solar lighting products draw 100% of their energy from the sun meaning no mains connection is required. 

This allows lighting engineers, contractors and facility managers to carry out essential works and repairs, even when no mains connection is available.

Rapid Installation

No mains connection means no costly and time consuming trenching or groundworks are required to deploy solar lighting.

This enables light to be deployed quickly and easily.

The reduction in work needed to deploy solar lighting when compared with traditional solutions means that only a small on site team is required, helping contractors to maintain adequate social distancing and complete their works safely.

Remote Programming

The ability to remotely program our complete solar range means only one variety needs to be held in stock. When combined with solar units ability to be reused multiple times in different locations, this makes solar an incredibly cost effective solution for essential works.

Temporary or Permanent Solution

Our solar units are easy to deploy as a temporary or permanent solution, allowing for outages, knockdowns and essential works to be managed until a mains connection is available.

Stock Available for Immediate Despatch

We hold solar units in stock allowing our customers to immediately carry out any essential works with no delay.


Solar CPD Training

This online CPD course is designed for lighting engineers, contractors, designers and architects. You will leave the course with a firm grasp on the different components of a solar street light, how they work and how best to make use of solar technology.

Solar Install Savings Calculator

This tool can be used to compare installation costs of  wired and solar lighting schemes and to calculate the installation cost savings available by using solar technology.

Solar Yearly Savings Calculator

This tool makes the business case for solar lighting by estimating the yearly and lifetime cost and emissions savings permitted by choosing solar lighting units instead of mains wired units.





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