Brexit, How we’ve Prepared

At Acrospire, our ambition  to continue to offer our customers consistently low lead times, fast order turnarounds alongside a high degree of transparency and trust.

In light of this, here is how we are preparing for Brexit, whatever the outcome might be.

UK Based Supply Chain

At present, 90% of our supply chain is based within a two hour radius of Acrospire.

These carefully nurtured and close relationships give us a high degree of confidence in our post Brexit capability.

Currently, the only component that we source from within the EU are our LEDs and drivers.

Whilst this does present a small degree of uncertainty moving forward, we are taking precautionary measures to limit our exposure to this risk.

Increased Stock Holding

Over the last 6 months we’ve more than doubled our inventory.

At present we are holding over £300,000 of components.

To enable this expansion, we’ve taken on an additional unit to provide further capacity and plan to increase our stock holding further.

We predict that this increasing stock buffer should allow us to weather any short term difficulties that may occur after Brexit.

As the situation develops we will continue to update our strategy and stock levels to ensure we maintain our high levels of reliability and service.

Your Turnkey Solution

Our approach is to “partner” with our clients taking the necessary time to understand your commercial and technical needs.

Whatever happens after Brexit, this fundamental aspect of our business will never change.

If you have any concerns about the implications of Brexit on your supply chain, please do feel free to contact the Acrospire team at any time.





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