StreetCare Product Development

High-performance lighting with heritage looks.

Key Project Requirements

    •  A high performance lantern with heritage looks
    • Customisable dimming regimes
    • Multiple optic options
    • Exact match with South Gloucestershire’s specification

Keen to take advantage of reduced capital costs and the latest lighting technology, South Gloucestershire Council is in the process of an LED replacement programme.

The council had previously experimented with retrofitting LED trays. Unfortunately, the time and cost of converting existing units was found to be prohibitive.

Our Solution

The result of our close collaboration with South Gloucestershire Council was the development of the StreetCare lantern – a high performance lantern with traditional, regency heritage looks.

At an installation trial, the StreetCare outperformed three alternative conservation lanterns. It received a number of positive comments for its ease of installation and  build quality from installation operatives.

This successful trial has lead to StreetCare becoming the heritage lantern of choice in conservation areas across South Gloucestershire.

Manufactured in our Basingstoke facility, the StreetCare features a fully programmable driver allowing the dimming regime to exactly match the councils needs.

“The collaborative work with Acrospire has enabled a lot of innovation and the creation of a lantern which solved many problems for us as a client. The StreetCare lantern is the perfect affordable solution for our conservation areas.”
Ryan Brown
Senior Project Engineer (Lighting) – South Gloucestershire Council

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