Affordable Handrail Lighting


  • Contractor friendly installation
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Designed to integrate into various configurations, including wooden and spiral staircases and round or square handrail profiles




12 Years


Most handrail lighting solutions come as a complete package (handrail and light) – which is OK if you’re working on a completely new project. But what if you have an existing handrail or balustrade you need to retrofit light into?

While we can also manufacture a complete solution, including handrail, Raillight was really designed as a cost-effective and quick to install solution for bridge and staircase lighting schemes which have already been installed.

To breathe new life (and light) into otherwise sound installations.

Available with lens options from 14° to 94°, Raillight is an engineered solution offering market-leading performance (which far exceeds expectation for its discreet size) and unparalleled flexibility.

Your Turnkey Solution

We’ve designed our handrail lighting system to be as simple to specify (and install!) as possible.

From initial consultation and lighting design through to on site installation, we’re here to support you through every step of your handrail lighting project.

  • Suitable for exterior or interior applications
  • Choice of pre-fabricated handrail in a choice of metals or retrofit within any existing handrail
  • On-site installation service
handrail bridge lighting


The RailLight handrail lighting system features a choice of three lighting modules to deliver the widest possible range of light projection.


A compact, high-performance fixture that offers the widest choice of lens options.

Raillight can be configured to offer beam spreads from 14-94° to ensure compliance in both beam spread and distribution.

Optimum lens spacing allows for reduced hot spots, less pictures and minimum energy consumption and running costs.

RailLight Asymmetric

Raillight Asymmetric’s narrow aperture and recessed LED greatly reduce glare and produce an even illumination perfect for walkways and stairs.

RailLight Asymmetric 2D

Raillight 2D Asymmetric’s two dimensional projector provides the ultimate in projection versatility and performance.

By projecting light axially and longitudinally onto the target surface, Raillight 2D’s PRO S projector is able produce the exact amount of light, precisely where needed.



Complete turnkey solution where required or self-installation kits for speedy and cost-effective retrofit schemes.

Available in a range of colour temperatures to suit your project requirements.


Body Material

Standard – 316 stainless steel

Options – Aluminium, mild steel, brass, copper, bronze


Colour Temperatures

CRI 90: 2700K-4000K

CRI 80: 2500K/2700K/3500K/4500K

CRI 70: 3000K-6500K + Streetwhite 5700K-7500K

Monochrome: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber and RGB



Beam Angle

Raillight Eco: Stock: 70° Options: 14-94°

Raillight Asymmetric: Stock: 40° Options: 14-40° 

Raillight 2D Asymmetric: Stock: 16° Options: 14-40°

Ingress Protection

Water resistant to IP67

Impact Resistance

Vandal resistance >IK10++

Lifetime Prediction

>100,000 Hours


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