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A new generation UK designer and manufacturer of exterior lighting products.

British manufacturer of exterior lighting including heritage, solar & handrail


From heritage lighting made in Britain through to cutting edge solar lighting. 


“Work to be Proud of” is the mantra behind everything we do.


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Easy-peasy on-street and home charging solutions for street lighting engineers, housing developers and contractors.

Delivering Better Lighting

Since our launch in 2013, we’ve built a reputation for delivering quality, British made lighting products with industry leading levels of customer service.

Affordable Handrail Lighting

The RailLight handrail lighting system features a choice of three lighting modules to deliver the widest possible range of light projection.

A new generation of solar light is here

Introducing the Aeromax, from partner Green Frog Systems. Aeromax is a modular P class solar lighting solution that can go all night. 15 nights in fact. On a single full charge. Capable of harvesting and storing power which can be used for a whole host of equipment, including CCTV and Smart City devices, Aeromax is quite possibly the last solar light you’ll ever need.


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