Newbury town center

Retrofitted LED lighting for Newbury Town Centre

In stark contrast to many towns of a similar size and nature, Newbury in West Berkshire is fortunate that much of its historic fabric, in terms of buried archaeological resources, historic buildings, and street patterns, has survived. 

A planned Norman market town that prospered as a cloth production centre in the late medieval period it was subject to a variety of economic and social pressures, which have left their mark on the physical environment. 

Today, while Newbury remains a market town with an impressive collection of listed buildings, it is also home to Newbury Racecourse and the headquarters of Vodafone.

In 2006 West Berkshire Council launched a History Character study and stated that its task ahead was to ensure that Newbury “continues to grow and prosper without destroying its character”. 

West Berkshire Council completed its functional LED upgrade project several years ago, which saw approximately 10,000 non-LED streetlights upgraded, with an estimated reduction in energy consumption of more than 50 percent. However, until recently, the decorative heritage lanterns in the town centre had remained largely untouched. 

With their lanterns (which are in various configurations from wall mounted to post top and predominantly at 8m heights) still in reasonably good condition and in the interest of sustainability (reuse and recycle instead of buying new) and energy efficiency, West Berkshire Council opted to implement a retrofit project. 

Brief &

  • An energy-efficient LED retrofit solution that maintains the integrity of the existing heritage lanterns
  • Functionality to incorporate lighting controls
  • Sympathetic colour temperature for the environment (3000K)
Retrofit LED geartray


Working from the original lighting design, we recalculated the photometry to meet the brief, maintain and where possible improve ambience by retrofitting one hundred and forty-three LED gear trays into the two distinct heritage lanterns in Newbury town centre while meeting the clients budget requirements.

The new scheme meets or exceeds the previous design standards, improving the visibility in the town centre.

Kevin Grigg, Sales Director at Acrospire, commented, “Retrofit is often a quick, cost-effective option for many councils, particularly when it comes to heritage luminaires. Our in-house expertise allows us to provide retrofit trays for almost any existing fitting, replacing the bowls in the process, gave the fittings a completely new lease of life, and is a great way to limit the burden on natural resources. In this case, we supplied Acrospire performance LED retrofit optics with the bulk of them either 72 or 83W. The lanterns they were replacing ranged from 90-150W HID. So, the council benefits through lower energy consumption and higher light quality.”

All the retrofitted light engines are 3000K, providing good visibility while creating a softer ambience, helping to preserve the heritage aesthetic of the town. Each luminaire has been fitted with a free-issued Telensa controller to dim the luminaires.

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12-Year Warranty

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